soul mange

by jon epworth

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(free) 03:29


this 7-song EP was written and recorded in various locations. special thanks to the fellas at the hive for allowing me to make some noise in their storage space.


released December 15, 2011

written, performed, engineered, and mixed by jon epworth

hand claps in 'triggers' - mike belyea, andrew sisk
choir in 'happening' -don murray, dan jardine, matt staritt



all rights reserved


Jon Epworth

i read books and walk/bike around and then sometimes a song happens

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Track Name: don't hold water
did you get rattled, did you get shook
were you looking in the right direction
when they caught you with a left hook

now don't you get wicked, don't you get mean
are you looking for retribution
or do you just gotta let off steam

this boat don't hold water
ebb and flow sisters, brothers
this boat don't hold water
you gotta let the water hold you

i used to think i was the man cause i stood so tall
but the taller that i got made me more afraid of the fall
and if i didn't look around, then i might pass over you
though you might need someone to help you get through
i hope i don't miss

this boat...

we gotta head for the shore, we can do it together
just gimme your hand

this boat...
Track Name: come alive
you laid yourself to rest a long, long time ago
tired of all your hard work and having nothing to show
buried yourself in a cave and you locked us out
but we're in a bad, bad way, and we could use you now

come alive, deep dark woman
we need you, deep dark woman
come alive, deep dark woman
we need you more than ever, deep dark woman

you curled your thick black mane around your face
took all your beautiful wisdom and you slipped away
well now it's the same in the jungle as it is in the street
and the key to our only salvation is to make you see

come alive...

if truth is beauty, you'd be the neutron bomb
shaving the dead skin off a world gone wrong

i can see you now, deep dark woman
shine your black light o'er all our imperfections
come to light tonight
we need you now
Track Name: no shit
you say you're tired of your dead end gig
you should be soaking up the sun in madrid
you wish you had more money than you did
wish you had known better back when you was a kid

no shit - you want the good life to come to you
no shit - you want the same things everybody else do
no shit - things seem harder than you think they should be
you won't get no shit from me

don't try to tell me what you think you deserve
i've seen you work and you ain't worth what you earn
get it together and come up with a plan
if you wanna be some high-fallutin' fancy-dan

no shit...

no matter how much you whine
the stars in the sky
won't align with you in mind
no no no no

some folks are born in designer jeans
some folks have never had anything
count yourself lucky if your somewhere between
the bottom of the ladder and the top of the tree

no shit...
Track Name: happening
we are a happening waiting for a catalyst
are you gonna be the one
be the one to shake the chain

well if boredom and disorder are the order of the day
and destruction is an element of change
well we can get down in the muck
to claim the fire of our youth
and usurp these goddamn liars trying to obfuscate the truth

we are a happening...

we are all happening today
Track Name: soul mange
i dream of torture and being tortured
without empathy
of being taken in the night, tied up, blindfolded
and thrown into the sea
i dream of violent oppression, i dream of suicide
of being torn to pieces across political divides

don't kill the dream, don't kill the dream

i dream of random incarceration, vast and unjustified
to feel the spectre of surrender permeate
every aspect of my life
i see a wide and gaping sorrow and its unending tears
i dream of unnamed gunmen snuffing out the lives
of all who i hold dear

don't kill the dream, don't kill the dream

i try to pull it from my life, try to blind it with my light
try to cram it into night and shove it from behind
yeah well the truth itself is brutal
and the comfort of our days is surely a lie

i am not worthy of this life anymore
Track Name: triggers
triggers from an unseen hand
words can lose all meaning
when they set you off
the emptiest of gestures
or a facial tick
really, really i wasn't taking the piss

what have they got you on today
what did the orderly say
what do you see in me today
am i real or just another part of your play

triggers got you on the run
petrified of everyone and what
they might think of you
or what you thought they might have
seen you do
can't remember words or anything you said
'cause you only hear
what you might have let slip out instead

what have they got you on today...

triggers hide in everything
can't sleep for the worrying
the cause of every trigger goes unknown
and the trigger builds a trigger of its own

petrified of everything
Track Name: afraid
are you scared of the future
are you scared of time
are you afraid of nothing happening when you die
do you pray for forgiveness
from a holy ghost
do you think that it will turn all your sins into smoke

you're only guilty if you get caught feeling
get caught feeling remorse

do you pray for a heaven
out your window sill
do you think that if you do
that all eternity will treat you well

you're only guilty if you get caught feeling
get caught feeling remorse

but you fear emancipation
from tether and from chain
wish that you could feel like
everything ain't gonna be okay

ain't nobody gonna forgive you
if you don't go down on bended knee
but if nobody forgive you
you are still gonna do just as you please
do just as you please