by Jon Epworth

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These songs were written as they were recorded, each song starting from one basic kernel (a drum lick, a guitar riff) and expanding in much the same way a corn kernel does when shaken over heat: BANG! Each idea was followed through to it's completion as quickly as possible. I asked each contributor to follow the same guidelines when recording their parts - just listen to the track once or twice and then give me the first thing that comes to mind.

Songs were recorded in a large warehouse space which also houses two woodshops and a storage facility. The particular ambiance of the room lent itself very well to the off-the-cuff nature of this album.


released October 10, 2013

Produced, performed, engineered by Jon Epworth (except where noted).
Mixed & mastered by Jon with assistance from Andrew Wiseman.



all rights reserved


Jon Epworth

i read books and walk/bike around and then sometimes a song happens

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Track Name: BAD NEWS
if you never cross the road you'll never see the other side
if you never bear the load you'll never toughen up your hide
only on your darkest days will you appreciate the light
if you refuse all other ways you'll never know if yours was right

you've got an image of yourself painted by the ones who speak
they choose their words so carefully and mould your confidence with ease
bending the truth and feeding your ego
they train your hands to suit their needs
but when the pedestal gets pulled they break your knees from underneath

bad news - just around the bend
bad news - better get used to it
when it happens to you - you'll never be the same again
bad news
i'm using coffee filters in the bathroom again
i got distracted and forgot to get a bunch of essentials
healthy potables and victuals
this situation is ridiculous - i'm situated on the meniscus of
the heave of a swelling wave where i'll defeat all my senseless cravings
and my dish-soap dispenser runneth over

man i gotta go gotta get me gone get me movin
why can't you chill the fuck out
time is a luxury afforded to the young and careless
why can't you chill the fuck out
man i gotta jet get from here to there but get back here on time
what's the difference if you wake up in bouctouche or japan
man you're outta touch get back on the bus you're no spring chicken
how can the two of us exist in just one man

drop what you're doing and run is the old axiom
but when i run, i run into the opposite of what i'm
supposed to be running to
that's why the dishes pile up and the living room's a mess
and my bank account is empty and my phone is minute-less
and my memory becomes more like a thing that never happened
like it was some other asshole who was at the same address

man i gotta go...

my dish-soap dispenser runneth over
that's how you know i'm a man
my dish-soap dispenser runneth over
'cause i can get to the task at hand
my dish-soap dispenser runneth over
i'll get to it when i can... or maybe later
Track Name: CONDUIT
we traverse from nape to stamen hoping for a glimpse of nomenclature
of the ills we're feeling can't transcribe it can't believe it

we are a conduit
it never ceases to amaze me
we instigate and run away from our own arguments
feed off the folly of the mainstream
turn up our noses at the things we can't become

we can excuse any action with no remorse no retraction

we are a conduit...

watch my back-pedal encroach
stick-thin buck-toothed sean john shirt with his hat off to the side
check out the confident stride the honky paragon of our times
forty-plus and hanging on to the joi de vivre gone by
used to make all the ladies scream now he just makes his momma cry

hey there whiteboy player yesterday said goodbye
couldn't graduate from the old school
the new school is leaving you far behind

now you gotta demo that's self-produced 'cause you can rock 4/4
in them fruity loops
all the haters out there won't think it's so funny when they hear the mad
ways you can rhyme the word 'money'
tap me on the shoulder smellin' like a rolled smoke sayin' "hey man,
check out my beats, my uncle kevin says they're dope"
pop your cheap-ass ear-buds into their intended receptacle and
as was expectable your music is detestable a spectacle of hi-end heavy hiss-encrusted decibels lamentable the thought of someone calling this presentable
now take them MP3s before i get myself intestinal (son)

check it out - check out my cubic zirconium
check it out - check out my oversized nike pumps
check it out - check out the gleam of my mail-order grille
check it out - this upper cuspid is dressed to kill

hey there whiteboy player...
so many years i've repelled your attack
sweating your way into my field of view
i'll never get those moments back
i tip my hat and say "congrats to you"

oh i feel the embrace of an everlasting love
oh i've discarded my face to become a vision of defeat

thought i was special thought i was the exception
under duress i succumb to conscription
now there's no difference between you and me
diet soda and the UFC type 2 diabetes and
my god-given right to be free

not really sure how this got started
hard to resist such an easy target
you and your clones have got me surrounded
you stole my jeans and had my car impounded

oh i feel the embrace...
how did i get so passive and when did the stone get so massive
how will they gauge my reaction better create a distraction
they say submission is a state of mind it's a state of mine
nobody told me that i'd have to be tough
i've got the evidence to back it up

gimme my orders and get me out the door

can't push me if i stay out of reach can't educate if you don't teach
can't pacify me 'cause i never complain
can't piss you off 'cause i'm potty-trained
there was a part of me that used to care
but that part of me got fucking scared
i saw the precipice a mile away got on my knees
and crawled the other way

gimme my orders and get me out the door
Track Name: INTO YOU
reveal yourself to me i'll keep your secrets stowed
but refuse and you will see i'll spill everything i know

the secret's out i'm into you
if i could be someone else you might be into me too

i know you by degrees every time your face is shown
i will comb my thinning hair and don my cleanest clothes
i could help you tackle the world head-down full-on

the secret's out...

if you give me every morsel the world will think you're gone
Track Name: NO FILTER
i want a pretty mouth so you can stand the sight of my song
and if i get my teeth aligned will you gaze into my gaping maw
where all the sound arrives one more look
and i'm caving in your mind

i wanted to say it so i went ahead and said it
can't take it back so there's no need to regret it

you want to steal my time but you don't want to kiss a mouth
full of crooked lines
well anyway you take my hand almost every time
welcome to the inside the inside of my face
kick in the trestles and collapse this fucking place

no filter

i wanted to say it so i went ahead and said it
can't take it back so there's no need to regret it
no need to regret it now
i called on the doctor like i do on a regular basis
i'm no hypochondriac but i do prefer vim and vigour to a state of stasis
i told him i feel pretty good but i'm not feeling so well all the same
he just laughed at me and said "don't come back again"

put your hands on me baby but stop just shy of the skin
out of the blood up through my denim
toss my venom to the wind

so i asked a friend to ask a friend to throw me a line
they sent me to a homeopathic couple in a basement apartment
they got me to lay down and they looked at me for a time
then they said something about collective empathy and threw me out
and they didn't even ask me for a dime (which i thought was cool)
and though nothing really happened something definitely happened
i felt about ten pounds lighter and in the distance i heard waves lapping

put your hands on me baby....

transcendental meditation karmic medication
doin' the reiki shuffle
i come from a long line of heavy hitters
it ain't what i think you think i mean
hitting the bottle ain't so hard of you
it's hitting the pavement that makes your ears ring
and i had to go inherit this thing

too bad, so sad, it's fucking cruel

slowly i turn into something you can't see
that's all right by me
it's just like my momma said

too bad, so sad, it's fucking cruel

i made my escape with fermented grapes
and a series of embarrassing dionysian out-takes
my shame waited for me outside of the bar
and it hit me like a water balloon
tossed from a moving car

it's too bad it's so sad it's fucking cruel